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authentic scandinavian cinnamon + cardamom buns

speciality coffee. home goods. matcha. chai

natural and organic

prinsenstraat 16, amsterdam


mon - sat 9-17

sun 10-17

scandinavian tradition

At OSLO amsterdam, we embrace the Scandinavian philosophy that the key to a happy life lies in simplicity and balance. Just as in life, this principle extends to our pastry-making. Our pastries are meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance - sweet but not overly so, satisfying without excess, and possessing a delightful complexity that tantalises the sense while remaining approachable to all


at heart

Scandinavians hold a deep respect for living in harmony with our planet. Naturally, we've chosen to use organic and biodynamic ingredients in our baking, aligning our offerings with our core values. When you select our pastries for your establishment, you're not just indulging your customers' and your own palates; you're also joining us supporting a brighter future for our beloved Earth.

partnering with us

Community is a source of immense joy for Scandinavians. We firmly believe in collective efforts to create positive change. When you opt for our pastries, you not only provide your guests with delectable treats but also contribute to a brighter future. Your success is inherently tied to ours, which is why we are pleased to offer tailored training for your kitchen staff on how to prepare and serve our products to perfection.


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